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Guarantee Registration

Guarantee Registration

WARRANTY REGISTRATION, Please send us a Mail with  reference from a trained electrician that your system was installed professionally. It is best to include your details with address, date of installation, the name of the installer, electrician or simply a picture of the installation instructions with the installer’s stamp.


The legally stipulated warranty period for private end users is 2 years. We provide a warranty period of 10 years for system components that are firmly attached to the building, such as the TerraCalor® heating films. In contrast to this, the warranty period for commercial customers is 5 years.

We provide an additional 20-year guarantee for our TerraCalor® radiant heating films, which follows the legal warranty period. This guarantee applies to end users that have bought our TerraCalor® system as a new product and relates to the radiant heating films. A further precondition for valid guarantee claims is that the system has been installed and the electrical connection has been established by an appropriately trained professional. A valid guarantee claim can only be made if the customer submits the warranty card that is completed and signed by the professional when the system is installed, the layout plan and a copy of the invoice. A guarantee claim cannot be accepted unless these documents are presented. The warranty period begins on the date of the invoice to the end user.

Please Note:
All TerraCalor products are manufactured to exacting standards and as such, come with a base 2 year guarantee. This covers all defects in components and workmanship from the date of purchase.

20 years Extended Guarantee:
When you register your Heating System we will extend your 2 year guarantee by an extra 18 years. All terms and conditions as stated above will apply. Please be advised that any repair claims under guarantee require proof of purchase, in the form of a till receipt or online order confirmation.

If the Rotary watch was purchased prior to 30st November 2023 (30/11/23), then it does not qualify for the 20 year Guarantee that we offer.

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