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TerraCalor the warm solution for better living

Protecting Anything

The Exclusive and Premium Heating Solution – TerraCalor

TerraCalor Surface Infrared Heating can be installed invisibly in ceilings, floors and walls, wherever you need heat. In new buildings or renovations, in the office, hotel or spa area, we have a warm solution for better living.

Highest Quality Standards

Best Design, Generate more living space, Healthy, sustainable warmth

Unique warranty and maintenance

20 years warranty, 10 year maintenance free, with professional installation

We Provide Best Quality and Design Service

TerraCalor only has advantages when it comes to assembly, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Easy Installation can be done by painter, plasterer, Electrician, plumber, floor layer, interior decorator, anyone who is skilled in their craft.
  • Can be integrated directly into the wall, ceiling or floor thanks to the low-voltage system.
  • Is installed without any loss of space, creating more living space. We use the ceiling, floor or wall as a heating element. TerraCalor will give your property an enormous increase in value.
  • Compared to other heating providers, TerraCalor is up to 60% cheaper over a period of 15 years.

We are the No. 1 in Heating Systems, TerraCalor Group

TerraCalor – TerraPower

The Best Partner To Find The Perfect Heating – Living Solution For You

TerraCalor is open to all solutions, we can offer our customers an individual energy system, ask our specialist partners.

Clients Love TerraCalor


Heating better than with TerraCalor does not exist for us, in Munich you have space savings of approx. 8 square meters compared to all other systems, with a house price of €8,000.00 per square meter we have a price advantage of €64,000.00 and more living space.

Mr. Perlitz Munich, Germany

We thought about a heat pump for a long time, then we went to a friend's house in London who had installed TerraCalor. We used TerraCalor's energy concept, the best thing that could have happened to us, the advice was simply great and the price / performance ratio couldn't be beat.

S. Schulz Saarland, Germany

I'm an architect and we were looking for a good, sustainable heating system. The design was also important to me, TerraCalor was installed directly in the ceiling, simply brilliant. Price – performance is great and healthy to boot.

M. Hegglin Zug, Switzerland

We are in the real estate business and have newly discovered TerraCalor. I can tell you the best thing I have seen in construction in the last 20 years. Easy to use, no maintenance and economical, the price was decisive in our decision, but so was the technology.

Mr. Russel West Lothian, Scotland


Our Partners – References Worldwide

TerraCalor partners exist worldwide, many projects have already been implemented and new ones are being added. A big thank you to our reliable partners and customers.