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TerraXtherm – heating and insulation combined, here we have developed a truly market innovation (own patent), the best insulation and heating values for private and commercial heating solutions. Our TerraCalor technology combined with insulation technology and vapor barrier for quick installation. The structure is available in different thicknesses 10mm – 240mm and different insulation materials, but our standard is soft wood fiber boards with a high insulation value and very sustainable. Our expert advisors will be happy to provide information. The price is also unbeatable and installation is simple and safe, we offer TerraXtherm with 60W or 110W per sqm.

The system can be installed in any room as interior insulation on the ceiling, wall, or floor (also as impact sound), with our 36V system anyone can install TerraXtherm, you need an electrician to connect it to the mains (TerraCalor will be happy to help you with this). Here too, we give our customers a guarantee of up to 20 years.

Old building facades can often define the location through various stylistic elements and in most cases must be preserved for reasons of monument protection or from a design perspective. For these properties, external insulation of the facade is not possible or desired. Even in condominiums in multi-family buildings, an individual’s wish for a better insulated external wall in the façade area can often not be met if there are objections from other owners. Even in the case of border developments, external insulation is often out of the question. The cost-benefit ratio is often unbalanced in buildings with temporary use. In all these circumstances, TerraXtherm as interior insulation is the solution. In poorly insulated houses, the walls are cold, making residents shiver even in overheated rooms

The following diagram shows the U-value of subsequently insulated external walls depending on the U-value of the existing wall and the thickness of the insulation material for a thermal conductivity of λ = 0.04 W/(m2K).

It becomes clear that the first few centimeters of insulation thickness are crucial, and that more than 100 mm does little more in terms of thermal insulation. At the same time, the risk of excessive moisture content in the system increases. With TerraXtherm you can apply the right solution in exactly this area. Insulation and Heating combined make a big difference, especially in old buildings. TerraXtherm is unique in this area.