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TerraCalor Technic:

TerraCalor is a low-voltage infrared surface heating system. Depending on your needs, we have 3 systems that work with 60W, 110W or 220W per square meter. Holes up to 70 mm (e.g. for sockets, lamps, etc.) can be drilled in the surface. Please do not damage the copper conductors. There is a plan in the operating instructions on which the laying of the heating foil should be drawn. It is best to keep the plan in the transformer, so you or your craftsmen always have a plan.

TerraCalor – Usable:

TerraCalor can be installed almost anywhere, whether in a new building or during renovation. Whether it’s a house, apartment, office, sales room, hotel or spa area, with TerraCalor you will always find a solution. TerraCalor promises more quality in living, working or leisure areas. Ask our expert advisors and let them explain the advantages of TerraCalor to you. TerraCalor is also a long-term solution for building renovation in the event of mold infestation to make living space livable.

TerraCalor Costs:

We have optimized TerraCalor to make it very efficient and sustainable. TerraCalor is the future and not only an alternative to heat pumps but in some areas even much more efficient. A heat pump is a convection heater and therefore takes some time to heat up a room. With TerraCalor you have pleasant, healthy warmth in just a few minutes. With TerraCalor you can optimize your heating behavior.

The space savings should also not be underestimated, regardless of whether it is a heat pump, gas or oil heating, wood pellet heating, conventional electric heating, for a house of 150 square meters you need around 10 square meters of space, in a city like London that is around 120,000.00 GBP.

TerraCalor – Sustainable

TerraCalor has developed a sustainable solution for its customers in conjunction with renewable energies, TerraPower. We recommend a system with storage. The storage is charged with energy from your photovoltaic system, wind turbine, electricity from the grid or a generator; the storage supplies the heating directly. In summer, when you don’t need heating, the electricity can be used elsewhere in the house or fed into the grid, and you can even get money back from the energy supplier. We are open to all technologies in this area.

TerraCalor – Warranty – Maintenance:

We at TerraCalor are confident in our products, which is why we offer a 20-year guarantee and 10 years of free maintenance. Our product has a long life expectancy, we claim TerraCalor is a generation heater. You, your children and your grandchildren will enjoy and benefit from it for a long time.