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TerraPower is for private and commercial customers. Ask our expert advisors, we will offer you individual solutions.

What is TerraPower:

TerraPower is for private and commercial customers.

TerraPower is a supply system for your heating, electricity and water. TerraPower was developed by our environmental technologists and is technology independent. It is intended to help the customer generate electricity, heat and hot water independently of resources. TerraCalor in combination with TerraPower is a sustainable solution, it makes you independent and is sustainable. We use high-quality products that guarantee longevity and accurately reflect the price-performance ratio.

Why TerraPower:

TerraPower makes you almost independent of the public power grid, but we always recommend connecting to the grid. TerraPower saves you up to 5,000.00 USD per year (single-family home), you control your system, in winter you use the electricity generated to generate heat, in summer you can feed excess electricity into the grid.

TerraPower – Technic:

We use high-quality solar modules to generate electricity; in some regions, small vertical wind turbines also make sense. These can be mounted on the roof, the facade or free-standing.

“TerraCalor is open to all new technologies; we will continue to develop our products in the interests of our customers.” 

The storage is the heart of TerraPower. This is where energy is stored and coordinated, we use different storage devices. These are charged and controlled via a battery monitoring system. With this system we can generate heat or use or feed in electricity.

The storage can also draw energy from the grid or from a generator (gas, diesel, hydrogen). If solar or wind does not generate any electricity, electricity is automatically drawn from the other resources so that the storage is always sufficiently charged.

You can generate hot water from an electric boiler, instantaneous water heater or solar thermal energy. We also have a wide range here.